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A 75 year old young entrepreneur

At 55 years old Captain Mehta started Delhi-NCR’s most loved tea shop, Teasta. After 22 years he opened the next. He shares the secrets of success


Mr. Mehra opened Teasta in 1996. He was fifty five years old. At first he ran it from his car garage. Then in 2002 he shifted it to Godavari complex in sector 37, Noida. Today it enjoys cult following amongst the residents of Noida, students of various colleges and schools and tea lovers. Even today he doesn’t forget to manage the counter. He loves helping his customers in choosing the right tea or loose tea leaves. He turned seventy five last year.

He reminds me of Ray Croc, the founder of Mcdonald’s, who had set up Mcdonald’s at age 53. Similarities end here. Unlike Croc, who was already a businessman, Mr. Mehra had worked in army and a British trading company; Jardine Henderson.

I asked him why did he start the shop?”_
*He said, “I

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Successful small business is better than a startup

Rajat’s first startup had failed. Then he launched Get Set Resumes (GSR). He is running it successfully today


I asked Rajat what had encouraged him to become an entrepreneur?
He answered, “Doing business is in my blood. I was sick of my job. I did not like how bosses micro-managed. Internet sector was booming. Flipkart, Foodie Bay (now Zomato) were coming up. I thought now is the time (before marriage, kids, etc.). I wanted to do something.”

Get Set Resumes is a Noida based small business. It offers high-quality resume writing service. It also offers professional writing services such as websites. It focusses on businesses and professionals. He has been running it for eight years.

In 2009 Rajat and his two friends were toying with online business ideas. They started Interview Elements, an online resource for helping college students. The content was about cracking interviews. It...

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Two is a company

When others went after size and rapid growth, Miranj chose to be small and steady


When others went after size and rapid growth, Miranj chose to be small and steady. It has mostly been a two member team since it started, nearly eight years ago.

(Disclosure: The writer had contracted Miranj for projects of Shack Co.)

Souvik and Prateek founded Miranj in 2011. It is a web design agency, specialising in content heavy websites. It claims to build radically simple and future proof websites. They have built websites for filmmakers, startups, corporates and non-profits.

Souvik and Prateek studied in Delhi Public School till 2005. During school they were part of the computer club. They did projects together. After school Souvik went to Chandigarh to do study information technology, and Prateek went to Australia to study computer science. While they were studying, they had picked up web...

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